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Electrical Worker

Project Success

Through Craftsman Experience


I am an Experienced Project Management Professional with a successful history of working in the construction industry. My construction career began after getting out of the Marines when i became a third generation Electrician. After working in the field for 1o years I got into project scheduling. Since then I have become skilled in Scheduling, Progress Monitoring, Cost Engineering, Project Coordination, Contract Management, and Construction Management.

I earned the PMI-PMP IN 2018.

Why Blue Collar PMP?

I started Blue Collar PMP to give back to the project controls community.

The mission of Blue Collar PMP is to be a resource to the construction industry by providing specialized training to Craftsman who, for one reason or another are ready to hang up their tools.

I have noticed a real need for P6 operators who are familiar with the project work being scheduled.

This holds true across all industries not just construction. Who has more intimate knowledge of a construction process than the Craftsman that has been executing the work for the last decade.

Why Craftsmen? 

Journey Level Craftsmen, to be specific, have something that is treasured in the construction project controls field. Something that continues to dwindle among Project Management Professionals.


Experienced, Capable, Journey Level Craftsmen have lifetimes of historical project data.

The act of installing construction systems over 10-15 years of a career helps us to identify and close gaps in project plans.

If you are Craftsman who, for one reason or another are ready to hang up their tools, but don't want to start completely over from scratch, please send me an email. 

Having been in the operators seat of Oracle Primavera since P3 I can attest to the fact that Scheduling is one of the project management fields that still have "equivalent experience accepted in lieu of degree" in the qualifications section.

I am putting together some training to help out other Blue Collar Workers follow my path and get their PMP.

I am in need of 15-20 people who want to learn P6 basics. I am recording some trainings and need participants.


If you have made it this far PLEASE send me an email to so we can get started on the next journey together.


In the Email:
Years EXP

Who is the Blue Collar PMP

Trusted Project Management Professional


Fully-certified since 2018, I’ve been successfully supporting projects throughout the United States and facilitating PM & PMO self-growth since 2010. I started Blue Collar PMP to lead others down the path I have walked, so that they too may benefit from it. I learned the art of Project Management through practical application.


My construction journey began after leaving the Marines and becoming an Electrician. I became a Journeyman Wireman and by 2010 I knew I didn't want to stay in the field any longer. The back breaking work for sub par pay. The long hours. The back breaking physical labor. I was over it and looking for a way to take the tool belt off.

That's when I found Project Controls a small but critical niche in the construction industry that is desperate for talented experienced people. Let me share with you my knowledge and journey from Journeyman Wireman to The Blue Collar PMP.

give me the chance to lead you down the path that has given me so much.

Click my mugshot to see my LinkedIn Profile.


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